Give your teams the means to face the different life situations
and to reach their financial objectives

the financial concerns of your employees

76 %
think it has an impact on their productivity
55 %
spend an average of 3 hours a week of their working time dealing with financial concerns
suffer from mental disorders
The cost of financial stress in your company

Let's calculate...

* According to the Mercer study, more than 50% of employees spend more than 8 hours per month at work dealing with
or financial issues.

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Financial health score, analysis and areas for improvement (civil, social, tax and financial)
Experts at your disposal
Aggregation of all your accounts (current accounts, passbooks, investments) and credits
Support and assistance with financial decision-making
Pedagogical content
Highlighting the company's advantages

Financial well-being, a performance lever for the company

Staff member

- Financial education at your fingertips
- Responsible finance in your pocket
- Dedicated experts
- Support
- Time saved in your daily life
- Mental relief


- Prevention and support in the financial well-being of employees
- HR innovation for performance
- Acceleration at the time of recruitment
- Increase of the employer brand
- Loyalty of your employees
- Extra-financial valuation of the company

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